Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors


Exhibition Planning and Presentation:

  1. Exhibitors are expected to visit The ART AT THE OAK ROOM and inspect the available spaces prior to their exhibition to ensure they supply an appropriate number (minimum 6) and type of works, and also appropriate display materials.
  2. The Exhibition Coordinator reserves the right to display only those pieces that they choose to select.
  3. The input of exhibitors as to which exhibition spaces they will require and how exhibitions are installed / displayed is welcome and encouraged but final decisions will be at the discretion of the Exhibitions Coordinator.
  4. The subject of your submission must be suitable for a family audience.
  5. ART AT THE OAK ROOM take no responsibility for artists infringing copyright.
  6. ART AT THE OAK ROOM may refuse to consider very delicate, badly presented or inappropriate artworks.
  7. Artwork / merchandise will be available to ‘take away’ once bought, so exhibitors are expected to provide a small number of additional works which can be held in reserve to replace works sold.
  8. All works / merchandise MUST be for sale, and should not be made available for sale anywhere else until after the exhibition at ART AT THE OAK ROOM closes.

Labels & Exhibition Texts:

  1. All artwork must have your name, address, telephone number, title of work, catalogue number (to correspond to an inventory of artworks), medium and retail price clearly marked on the back (if appropriate).
  2. An artist statement to include biography, genre and any other appropriate information (up to 500 words) should be supplied in an electronic Word-compatible document, together with a portrait / photograph of the artist (JPEG / PNG) 4 weeks before the exhibition. The Exhibition Coordinator reserves the right to edit the artist statement for use with publicity and in an exhibition introductory plaque as necessary.
  3. Text for labels (supplied in an electronic Word-compatible document) should include the title, media and price of the work and should be sent to the Exhibition Coordinator 4 weeks before the exhibition.       All labels will be then be produced in adherence to Art at The Oak Room’s house-style.

Framing and Hanging Materials:

  1. Work must be supplied ready to hang. This includes all fixings. ART AT THE OAK ROOM prefers eyes on both sides at the back with cord or wire between. Please speak to the Exhibitions Coordinator if you have any questions about hanging.
  2. If appropriate, framing must be to a professional standard with picture cord or wire for hanging.
  3. Due to the listed status of the building that houses ART AT THE OAK ROOM, to prevent damage to our walls we are not able to accommodate works which require fittings to be screwed into walls (e.g. mirror plates).

 Press Release & Publicity

  1. The artist statement (detailed in point 2b) and two jpeg images (high res/best quality, 300 dpi) should be emailed in a word-compatible format to the Exhibition Coordinator at oakroomtiverton@gmail.com at least 4 weeks prior to the exhibition for publicity purposes. All images will have a copyright statement relating to the exhibitor.
  2. ART AT THE OAK ROOM reserves the right to use the images supplied in all publicity material, including the website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, in any of our printed marketing materials or programmes, on flyers and on posters, amongst others.


  1. ART AT THE OAK ROOM’s Public Liability Insurance, does not cover damage or loss to your work, this is your responsibility. We can provide contacts for relevant companies. There is overnight security on site during the event and a member of staff will be present on site at all times that the gallery is open.
  2. ART AT THE OAK ROOM holds its own contents insurance policy up to the value of £10,000. We will endeavour to make every effort to ensure the safe keeping of your exhibition whilst in the galleries. If additional cover is required (ie. our premium must increase) the exhibitor will be required to pay any additional costs.


  1. ART AT THE OAK ROOM a resident warden to respond to any emergencies and alarms at night.
  2. For improved security please do not submit works smaller than 30cm x 30cm without prior approval from the Exhibition Coordinator.

Commission and Merchandise:

  1. ART AT THE OAK ROOM take 30% commission on all sales to offset our costs. This is removed from the price you put on the submission form which is used as 100% for calculations.
  2. ART AT THE OAK ROOM charges 30% commission for the sale of an item that is part of an exhibition, including all merchandise (cards, prints, books etc). All items will be stocked on a sale or return basis and items unsold must be collected by the exhibitor at the end of the exhibition. Acceptance of merchandise is at the discretion of the Exhibition Coordinator and if you wish to sell merchandise as part of your exhibition we will require a complete price list and inventory of goods for sale, together with the actual goods and appropriate display stands on the Friday prior to the start of the exhibition.
  3. Payments for sold artwork and/or merchandise will be sent by direct bank transfer within a month of the end of your exhibition. If you have not received payments for sold paintings / merchandise by this time, contact Sue Searle on 07818 073660.
  4. ART AT THE OAK ROOM shall be entitled to the same commission on all orders/commissions of artwork / merchandise taken through ART AT THE OAK ROOM.
  5. Sales of prints and or artwork being exhibited are processed by ART AT THE OAK ROOM and records of the purchases are kept to enable reimbursement to the exhibitor by direct bank transfer within one month after the exhibition has closed. Nevertheless, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange delivery of all works sold to the customer that are not collected from the venue during or after the exhibition and to make arrangements with the customer for payment of the appropriate shipping fees.

Delivery and Collection of Artwork:

  1. All artwork is to be submitted on the Friday prior to the week commencing of the exhibition, to The Oak Room Tiverton, between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m by prior arrangement with Sue Searle (07818073660)
  2. Artists / exhibitors collect unsold work on the Friday following the end of the exhibition between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m by prior arrangement with Sue Searle (07818073660)
  3. ART AT THE OAK ROOM take no responsibility for artwork not collected on time. Artists/exhibitors must collect or appoint someone to collect for them using their submission form by way of a receipt.
  4. A late collection charge and possibly a delivery charge may be incurred by not collecting paintings at the appointed time.
  5. Transportation, packaging arrangements, delivery and collection of the work are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor at no extra cost to ART AT THE OAK ROOM.
  6. Times and dates of delivery and collection of works must be by prior arrangement with the Exhibitions Co-ordinator.
  7. Artworks and merchandise MUST be delivered with an accompanying inventory and with all work clearly labelled / catalogued to correspond to this list.


  1. The Oak Room Tiverton and ART AT THE OAK ROOM, exercise all reasonable care for comfort and safety of exhibitors and their products but they are not responsible for the entire or partial loss, non-staging or detention of, or damage to same, or to any person or property, whether arising from accident or other persons or from any other cause.
  2. Further, it is a condition of entry that each exhibitor will hold The Oak Room Tiverton and ART AT THE OAK ROOM blameless and will indemnify them against legal proceedings and also against compensation for damage arising out of, in consequence of or in connection with any such accident, loss or damage and entries are only accepted on this distinct understanding. Therefore artwork shall only be accepted upon the receipt of a completed / signed Indemnity Form.

Art at The Oak Room Exhibit Opening Hours:

 To be confirmed

Official Openings and Private Views:

  1. Preview Evening tickets are always limited each time. You can purchase these on the selection day for guests or visit oakroomtiverton.com for further details. Exhibitors will have free entry.
  2. At no extra cost to ART AT THE OAK ROOM we can organise an opening/closing private/open view. Arrangements for any such event should be confirmed with the Exhibition Coordinator 6 weeks prior to the event. Exhibitors have the option of funding the refreshments for the event or seeking an external sponsor. Where a sponsor is sought ART AT THE OAK ROOM must be notified of the Sponsor’s Terms and Conditions including any publicity material that the sponsor wishes included. ART AT THE OAK ROOM reserve the right to decline any sponsorship offers.
  3. If Exhibition Catalogues are required then Art at The Oak Room can supply them in our house style. Printing costs will be discussed according to requirements of size and numbers, and paid for by the artist / exhibitor prior to the private viewing.
  4. Alternatively, ART AT THE OAK ROOM is fully licensed to sell alcohol and we can provide a cash bar service for attendees at the event.
  5. The Oak Room has a capacity of 60 so a guest list should be used. ART AT THE OAK ROOM reserves the right to reserve 10 invitees which may include our Sponsors and Trustees.
  6. Our own catering services are available upon request. Please contact us for our current menu and price lists.
  7. Where external catering is used, fees may apply for the use of room / kitchen facilities.
  8. A member of staff or a volunteer will supervise the event. Any extra staffing costs (waitresses etc) necessary to cover the event will be charged at £10.00 per hour, per person. VAT may apply.