Terms and Conditions of Hire


Oak Room Arts Centre

Please note that the Oak Room Arts Centre (ORAC) operates a NO SMOKING (including e-cigarettes) policy and naked flames (e.g. candles) can only be used with prior approval.

The individual or organisation named on the Room Hire Booking Form (“you” / “the hirer”) shall be responsible for ensuring that these conditions are met in ALL respects. If you are not present at the event, you must ensure that a named representative reads and understands these Terms and Conditions.

How to book ORAC

Please email ORAC at oakroomtiverton@gmail.com or phone 01884 257136 (note ORAC is not open full time at present) or Sue on 07818073660. There is an answer phone so please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Details of your name, address and phone number will be required together with the type of event, which date(s), hours required (allowing for setting up and clearing up),  number of people attending (and ages if under 18).

You will need to state if you require refreshments or food, and if you need the licensed bar or coffee shop to be open.

Also what facilities you require such as flip chart, white board, projector and screen, additional lighting (e.g. fairy lights, spotlights, disco lights).

Please also indicate the layout of the room (e.g. number of tables and chairs, cabaret or theatre style etc.)

A booking form will be provided to aid with this.

If you would like to book a visit to see the room(s) or discuss your event then contact us on the above email or phone number to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Deposit and Payment of Fees

All charges for hall and room hire need to be paid in full at the time of booking if it is in less than one month before the event date. Or one month before the booking date by BACS, cheque or cash. We will send you an invoice or email with details of how to pay. If an invoice is required then you must provide details of who to invoice. Payment terms are 14 days.

For regular bookings we require payment at the beginning of each calendar month and will invoice you accordingly.


A member of staff will let you in and lock you out unless otherwise arranged.


  • Regular Sessions
    • Please give us 2 weeks’ notice if you require to cancel one of your sessions, in writing to oakroomtiverton@gmail.com
  • One Off bookings


NO REFUND will be given if the cancellation is less than the cancellation period given above.  A full refund is only given if the required notice of cancellation has been given by the hirer and confirmed by ORAC.


You (the hirer) will be held personally responsible for any damage caused to the premises, equipment, furnishings or other contents and the costs for any such repairs will be charged in full to the hirer who booked the room.

Session Periods

The Centre closes at a time agreed at the time of booking which may be subject to licensing restrictions, or later if another event is on that day. Tidying and cleaning up is to be completed by this time.

Hirers (regular or occasional) must not arrive before their booked time, they must leave by the end of the booked period and only use the room that has been allocated. Please ensure you have booked the venue for enough time to set up and clear up.

Permitted Use

The Oak Room Arts Centre is typically used for receptions, parties, weddings, seminars, conferences, workshops, social events, performances, exhibitions, children’s parties and other such functions.

You must ensure that the premises are used only for the purposes stated on your booking form or at the time of booking due to possible licensing restrictions (check with us first if you are not sure).

You are responsible for your clients during your period of hire and must take proper and reasonable steps to ensure that:

  • only those invited to attend gain access to the premises and its facilities and that there is no intrusion or hindrance to any other Centre user;
  • all users leave the Centre following the event;
  • all users leave the premises in the same condition as they were found;
  • all users take reasonable steps to limit noise when arriving and departing from the Centre so as not to cause nuisance or inconvenience to residents in neighbouring properties and other users of the Centre.

Please ensure the front door is closed once your guests have arrived to prevent the public from wandering in. All members of your group or organisation must be greeted at the door to reduce any risk to the other Centre users and to ensure no-one who is not supposed to be there is admitted.

Cleaning / Refuse

Please ensure that the premises are left clean and tidy and that all rubbish is removed from the site. Recycling of food waste, bottles, cans, paper, card and plastic containers must be separated and put into the relevant containers as instructed by a member of staff and will be disposed of by ORAC.

All furniture must be returned to its original place.


Please ensure no-one places sanitary items or wet wipes down the toilets. Any blockages will be charged to the hirer. Notices about this are in the toilets. There is currently one toilet on the ground floor and one in the basement area.


The balcony in the Main Hall is OUT OF BOUNDS unless with prior permission from the owner (e.g for theatre productions, lighting, use of the pipe organ). Please ensure that none of your party – especially children and anyone under the influence of alcohol –  goes up there.


The premises is licensed for the sale of alcohol but a member of staff must be present to provide bar facilities.

Users cannot legally sell alcohol without a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) from Mid Devon District Council and proof of such licence should be provided to ORAC at least 7 days prior to the event taking place.

There is no restriction on serving alcohol (as opposed to selling it) responsibly at a private function.

If you are bringing your own alcohol or intend to sell alcohol with a TEN this must be approved at the time of booking.


Free Wi-Fi is available at the Oak Room Arts Centre but the Centre does not accept any liability for illegal downloads or misuse. The code is available from a member of staff.


Smoking is not permitted within the building – including e-cigarettes. Smoking is allowed in the back garden terrace and at the front door on St Peter Street as long as you are not causing a nuisance to others. All cigarette butts must be placed in the container provided. Please ensure guests are aware of this.


Parking is available in local car parks with over 250 spaces within a 5 minute walk. For events over 2 hours during the day 9am-6pm please park in the Town Centre Car Park – £2 all day.

For evening events or events less than 2 hours during the day then parking is available in the West Exe Car Park and the Market Car Park.  Evening parking is £1. See our website for details http://www.oakroomtiverton.com.

For loading and unloading use the space in front of the Oak Room on double yellow lines then take your vehicle to park it elsewhere.

Disabled access

There is currently NO disabled access. The front door is up 4 steps but sturdy handrails are available. The Main Hall is wheelchair friendly. The basement room and terraced garden are accessed via a steep spiral staircase with hand rails on both sides.

FIRE Precautions

There is a NO NAKED FLAME policy (without prior approval – e.g. candles) and NO SMOKING policy (including e-cigarettes) on the premises. Smoking is, however, allowed in the back garden terrace and at the front door on St Peter Street as long as you are not causing a nuisance to others. All cigarette butts must be placed in the container provided.

Should the fire alarm go off the hall must be evacuated unless instructed otherwise by a member of staff (Fire Warden). The Fire Assembly Point is at the junction of Angel Hill and St Peter Street by the large ornate lamp post on the wide paved area (go right out of the main door).

Each room has a fire evacuation plan, please ensure your group / clients are aware of the exit routes. All users must ensure that the fire apparatus on the premises is not interfered with in any way.

You must ensure that NO emergency exits are LOCKED, OBSTRUCTED, OR LEFT OPEN.

You must ensure that all persons using the premises are fully aware of the FIRE PROCEDURES and FIRE EXITS (see Fire Safety Instructions).

  • First aid box location – Ground Floor Kitchen and Basement Kitchen.
  • Accident book – Ground Floor Kitchen.

Please remove any rubbish from the Centre that will not fit in the waste bins, to prevent hazards. Ensure recycling is in the correct container and not causing an obstruction.


OAK ROOM ARTS CENTRE WILL NOT be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property of the hirer or users of the premises. Please ensure that all personal property and equipment have been removed at the end of the hire session.

RESERVES THE RIGHT to refuse or cancel a booking without giving a reason, but especially where they consider that the use may cause damage or nuisance to others, or that there may be an activity incongruous with our primary function as an Arts Centre.

RESERVES THE RIGHT to cancel a confirmed booking in exceptional circumstances. Should these arise, as much notice as possible will be given, it is the ORAC’s liability to the return the booking fee.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Oak Room Arts Centre for your event.