How to Exhibit

1. Book your initial visit: Call Sue on 07818073660 / email / complete the form below to book your initial visit to The Oak Room. At this visit we shall discuss your ideas and requirements, select an exhibition space or spaces, and set exhibition dates.

2. Confirm exhibition space and date(s).

3. Make sure that all artwork is professionally framed or suitably presented and ready for sale including fixtures and hangings (please see our Terms and Conditions)

4. Make sure your work is insured.

5. 4 weeks prior to your exhibition you must provide The Oak Room with a Biography with photograph(s) to display with your work as well as a list of your work with title, description and prices. If you wish to have a launch event then this must be provided 6 weeks before your exhibition, and if appropriate we may produce a catalogue in our house style.

6. Arrange for a launch event (if you want to) – posters, postcards, PR, invite all your friends and family.

7. We will be there to sell your artwork and merchandise, we only take 30% commission.

8. Maybe make sure you have some more work to hang if you sell a lot!