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Still Life Linocut course – April 5th/6th 2019 – with Lizzie Mee


Whether you are a first time printmaker or have done some before, this course will give you lots to think about. I’ll be teaching you how to use multiple blocks in your printing. We’ll play around with pattern, tone (light and dark) as well as colours!

I have two presses and artist’s quality inks, papers and materials. The times below are a guide, and you may start cutting and printing more quickly, or you could spend longer preparing. We will do some drawing exercises and I shall bring some objects to use. If you would like to bring a particular object (a vase, shell, bone, piece of wood or something that you’d like to focus on) feel free! We will look at our objects on the day and make a composition in the middle of the table for us all to work from.

still life print (1)

Day One – April 5th Friday

10.30 Welcome, teas and coffees

10.40 Introduction to printmakers and artists. I’ll have washing lines with a range of prints to look at. Hopefully this will help nurture ideas and inspiration in relation to representation, colours and comp.

10.50am Looking at linocuts – I will take you through the process of how I’ve developed one of my Still Life prints, from initial image, to drawings and then the stages of my print. I will show you a two layer and also a 3 block print. I’ll show you a few top tips for developing a successful composition and then also about how to develop a clear foreground and background.

11.10 Drawing exercises and print preparation. This will be an important part of your print and we’ll be composing the still like together. I’ll show you a way of setting it up so that it can go back in exactly the right place on 6th!

12.15pm You could start your linocut, continue to finish your drawing or just have lunch!

1.15pm Start to cut first block and print first layer. I will function as a guide or technician in the afternoon. You can ask lots of questions and I’ll run through basics of how to use equipment as and when you need help. By the end of the afternoon you will want to have 4-6 good first prints. These will then be dry by the next class.

2.30 If you have chosen to do a smaller print with more colours you will need to start on your second block…Starting on a second block – normally this takes quite a bit longer than the first and is the ’main’ cut with most of the detail.

Day Two – April 6th

10.30 Welcome, teas and coffees

10.45 Everyone will get out their drawings and first prints to remind themselves of their image.

11am a few reminders about registering and some other top tips!

11.30 Starting on a second block or third depending on the size of your linocut – normally this takes quite a bit longer than the first and is the ’main’ cut with most of the detail.

12 – you might get time to print a second layer before lunch…

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Print your final layer or do a quick third! Some people might need to carry on cutting into the afternoon, others may be able to get going more quickly. If you have time, you can try a couple of different colours. The more detailed and careful drawings will take a couple of hours to cut (at least) though. Lots of printing between 2.30 and 3.30 I imagine! Looking forward to it already.

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Thanks and please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how course materials and prep is going. I’ll have a few landscapes on show and other printing bits and pieces to see… you could also take a peek at my website

Instagram handle is @lizzieprint

Twitter handle is @meelizzie


I am planning on running a watercolour workshop for beginners and improvers on Friday 3rd May – 10am – 3pm for £40. Anyone interested? Please email if you are.