Art Classes at the Oak Room Arts Centre

It has been a busy few months at the Oak Room Arts Centre with weekly art classes – both watercolour and life drawing. We are looking forward to building on this with weekend classes and children’s art classes.

Tuesday evenings 7-9pm we have Life Drawing Class with Sue Searle and Ken Maharajah. This friendly and fun class has plenty of scope for learning and gaining guidance and support from the tutors or, for more experienced life drawers, you can just do your own thing. Life drawing is a key skill for artists and is great practice for becoming really good at drawing. The Tutors are both very experienced and love to see their students progress. More students are always welcome!

Art Class 2

Fridays 2-4pm we have our regular Watercolour Class and the students are making great progress. Our newest member has just taken up watercolours at the age of 82! Grace is naturally talented and has taken to watercolours really well. She particularly enjoys painting seascapes.

All the students start with a foundation of core watercolour skills and then implement them by painting things that they want to paint from a collection of photographs. Sue Searle, the tutor, encourages and supports the students during the class so that each week they feel they are making progress. This is a small and friendly class.

The Art Room downstairs is now very well equipped for our art classes and has recently had bright daylight spotlights fitted so that the room is much lighter – see the picture below.

Art Class 1

Our new brighter lights! And Grace painting.

We are delighted that the art classes are going well. More on the way!

We are happy to have new students. Just email or contact us through the website.


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